Portfolio Companies

Status: Active


HealthChannels is a collective of three distinct companies--ScribeAmerica, QueueLogix and CareThrough--that truly help hospitals, healthcare systems, and private practices streamline clerical processes.  ScribeAmerica is the nation’s largest and most frequently used medical scribe company. For more than a decade, our medical scribes have spared tens of thousands of physicians across the nation from millions of hours’ worth of digital documentation.  QueueLogix helps hospitals, healthcare systems and practices maximize revenue cycles by connecting backend business processes with frontline patient encounters in real-time.  CareThrough is a 360° care management solution for improving quality of care, patient engagement and financial outcomes. Our highly-skilled care navigation coordinators identify at-risk patients and improve the entire patient experience, leading to better health results and decreased costs.

Status: Active


PathGroup is a high growth, premier full-service laboratory providing high quality clinical, anatomic pathology, cytology, oncology, molecular, and genetic testing services to patients, physicians and hospitals across the U.S. with a leading presence in the Southeast and Midwest.  PathGroup has become a leader in its field based on its high clinical quality, physician-oriented service model, extensive testing menu and broad in-network payer coverage.  With origins dating back to 1965, PathGroup is led by a talented management team with over 100 years of combined industry experience.  Today, PathGroup employs over 1,230 professionals, operates primarily from a centralized Nashville-based laboratory, and offers over 1,125 unique tests.

Status: Active


Elite Body Sculpture is a founder-led, innovative physician services business that is a leading provider of minimally invasive body sculpting (nonsurgical fat reduction and fat transfer) procedures.  The Company's proprietary AirSculpt® procedure has revolutionized the body sculpting industry: it requires no needle, scalpel, stitches or general anesthesia, and provides the shortest known recovery times in the industry.  Elite Body Sculpture currently serves patients in seven markets across the United States, and provides over 3,000 procedures annually.

Status: Active


HRGi provides innovative cost containment solutions to the healthcare industry in the U.S. and Canada, reaching an estimated 50 million consumers through its clients, which include Insurance Carriers, HMOs, TPAs, Regional Health Plans, Self-Funded Employers and Taft-Hartley Funds.  HRGi is uniquely positioned as one of the few organizations in the industry that offers proprietary fee negotiation services, along with a national supplemental PPO network, through a single portal and seamless workflow.

Status: Recapitalized (October 2016)


ScribeAmerica is nation's leading provider of medical scribe solutions to hospitals and physicians.  ScribeAmerica's EMR experts are trained to alleviate up to 85% of a healthcare provider’s administrative responsibilities, thereby enhancing provider productivity, improving accuracy of clinical information and enabling physicians to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.  Through continual innovation in how electronic medical records are documented, ScribeAmerica is paving the way for a new model—one where providers can comfortably step away from computer screens to have more meaningful patient interactions.

Status: Exited (August 2017)


Imedex is an industry leader in providing independent continuing medical education for health care professionals. We develop high quality, scientific programming that translates the latest research into clinically relevant information. The activities have exceptional organization and outstanding educational value, with a proven sustained impact on disease management.

Our educational offerings focus on improving patient care around the world, and feature the premier global GI event, the World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer.  With more than 50,000 E-learning experiences annually and more than 97,000 live meeting participants since 2001, Imedex truly educates the global healthcare community.  At Imedex, education is the best medicine.